Below is an example of some of the innovative projects Horizon Nua (formerly ABU IPM Ltd) has partnered in:

Connecting Nature (2017-2021): A €12m Horizon 2020 Innovation Action with the ambition of positioning Europe as a global leader in the design, development and implementation of Nature-based Solutions.

Coordinator: Trinity College Dublin

Role of Horizon Nua: Support with proposal preparation, negotiation and leader of WP6 Dissemination, Knowledge Management and Enterprise Acceleration.

TURAS (2011-2016): The FP7 project "TURAS" brings urban communities and businesses together with local authorities and researchers to collaborate on developing practical new solutions for more sustainable and resilient European cities.

Coordinator: University College Dublin

Role of Horizon Nua :  Proposal preparation and part of the core project management team working with the 29 TURAS partners including 11 local authority partners to put together and implement a clear strategy for dissemination and communication which has evolved throughout the project. Key elements of the dissemination strategy have been the online platform, blog forum, social media, publications, and city, national and European conferences and events.   Responsible for working with local authority, industry and academic partners to put together innovative dissemination elements such as

  • ‘Pitching’ sessions – introduction of peer-to-peer 'pitch presentations' to present TURAS solutions to local authorities at a series of local authority events held in 7 EU cities.
  • The TURAS Mobile Green Living Room an interactive and mobile exhibition of green infrastructure which has visited 10 European cities in 2106 (including non TURAS partner cities).  This tour has included exhibitions at high profile conferences such as the ICLEI Resilient Cities conference in Bonn, the European Ecosystems Services Conference in Antwerp and the Climate Alliance Annual Conference in Krems. 
  • In addition to exhibitions for these expert audiences, we worked extensively with local authority partners in cities from London to Ljubljana to put together programmes to engage the general public in a better understanding of green infrastructure.  The huge public turnout at these events is testament to the TURAS commitment to put communities at the heart of communication priorities. 

The offline dissemination elements of the TURAS project are supported by an extensive online platform featuring for example the TURAS catalogue of results presenting TURAS outcomes through a variety of channels including video testimonials, blogs,

SmartAgriFood (2014-2016): SmartAgriFood is one of 16 FIWARE accelerators supporting the development of new smart services and applications in agriculture using FIWARE technologies.

Joint Coordinator:  DLO (Wageningen University, Netherlands) & EBN (Brussels)

Role of Horizon Nua : Proposal preparation, successful project kick-off and strategic support and direction.  Lead project manager for EBN who were also Work Package leader for dissemination through online media and relevant publications networks/events.   SmartAgriFood is recognised as being one of the highest achieving accelerators in the FIWARE programme.

InvestHorizon (2014-2017) is an EU project bringing together all the major actors in early stage financing to provide an extensive range of supports to EU start-ups in securing early stage investment

Role of Horizon Nua : Proposal preparation and supporting EBN in their role as WP leader on engaging start-ups and growing businesses in the Invest Horizon project.  

ACE (2012-2015): The ACE project supports the international growth of innovative start-ups.

Coordinator:  EBN (Belgium)

Role of Horizon Nua:  Proposal preparation and strategic support in project management including the process for identification, matching with mentors and investors etc.  

EIG (2012-2013):  Funded by DG Connect, the European Investor Gate project provides companies with training and tools to support investor readiness and matching

Coordinator:  MFG (Germany)

Role of Horizon Nua : Proposal preparation and strategic support in project management in particular the organisation of a key WP related to the organisation of a high profile international investor readiness and pitching event in Dublin which has been continued annually after the project end.