Research:         At Horizon Nua, we undertake research into social innovation – new and existing methodologies for social innovation, what is best practice and how methodologies can be translated and implemented into organisational culture and with and for society.

We look at the challenges facing decision makers e.g. local government and policy makers and how work practices can be adapted to adopt a more socially innovative approach.

Through our research we create toolkits and guidelines for policy makers and practitioners to facilitate their transition towards the full integration of social innovation into their work practices.

Innovate:            We partner with other social innovators, research institutes, policy makers and implementers to devise innovative solutions to challenges facing our society today.  Challenges in our society like creating healthy, resilient cities; tackling social disadvantage; supporting social entrepreneurs.

Connecting Nature is one example of a research and innovation project we are involved in.

Communicate:    We act as Communications Partner in research and innovation projects focussed on social innovation.

We organise events, launches, conferences, meetings, training inthe area of social innovation.  We do this both in-house, with and for other social innovators, research organisations and external agencies.

We reach out across social media to share our ideas, examples of social innovations that inspire and excite us, interviews with social innovators and to talk about our work.

Train:    We create and deliver training programmes to equip local authorities, policy makers and other up-takers of social innovation with the tools necessary to integrate social innovation into their work practices and plans.

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