MEEt The Team

Siobhan McQuaid

Siobhan is an Innovation specialist with over  20 years experience working with academic, industry and support bodies to catalyse innovation and entrepreneurship across many sectors from environment to ICT. She is passionate about social enterprise.  In additon to her role in Horizon Nua, Siobhan is also engaged as an Innovation Catalyst in the Centre for Social Innovation at Trinity College Dublin where she heads up research and innovation activities under the themes of sustainability and resilience.


Isobel Fletcher

Isobel joined Horizon Nua as Senior Project Manager having tried life as an entrepreneur for a time with her own start up enterprise.  She has held several senior positions in the community and voluntary sector and spent over 10 years working with the LEADER Rural Development Programme supporting small businesses, community groups and voluntary organisations. She holds a postgraduate qualification in Business and is a certified Trainer.


Fiona Cooper joined Horizon Nua as Project Manager in June 2017. Fiona has a background in community development and facilitation.  She has a keen interest in social innovation and community based projects.

meet THE board


Dr Marcus Collier  is  Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Sciences in Trinity College Dublin whose area of expertise is as a sustainability scientist researching social-ecological systems and the Anthropocene,  He is the leader of Connecting Nature, a Horizon 2020 project running until 2022. Previously, he led the TURAS FP7 project. Both projects co-created innovations through nature-based solutions. Marcus is an ERC Consolidator Grant panel member and an evaluator for EC Horizon 2020 research and innovation proposals.

nuala mcquaid

Dr Nuala McQuaid has been leading research and conservation in marine and coastal environment for over 20 years promoting and developing new methods of sustainable cultivation and harvesting of our natural resources. 

More recently her focus has shifted to marine conservation and the Department’s (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, Marine and Fisheries Division) role in ensuring that marine features of importance both nationally and internationally are protected so that future generations get the benefit of enjoying our unique and diverse marine environment.  Nuala works closely with community and voluntary groups as well as ENGO’s (Environmental Non-Gov Organisations such as Ulster Wildlife) in designating and protecting our marine environment.

Nuala is passionate about educating the public about what we do and why by using social media and online tools such as interactive maps with linked video and images to illustrate what a diverse marine environment we have.  Nuala works closely with users of the sea from fishermen, to recreational users from Sailing clubs to dog walkers, anglers etc to ensure they are all invested in the protection of our marine environment and the knock on benefits they have. As an island nation the majority of the population is living within an hours travel of our coastline therefore its importance cannot be underestimated.

Nuala enjoys sharing her passion and thinks social engagement is the key to success. She derives great satisfaction at watching people of all generations look of surprise when shown what our marine environment contains:  from coral reefs to 200+year old clams which are being used in medical studies of aging!  She loves taking them out to rockpools and showing them what they can see when they really look closely. Its about getting people re-invested in exploring and enjoying (without damaging) our coastal heritage.